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Our team has added value to a wide array of companies and industries. We understand how business works and drive results.

Our team has added value to a wide array of companies and industries. We understand how business works and drive results.

Industries We Serve

The Sugimoto & Associates team has worked with companies, professionals and business owners seeking to evolve their organizations. Our fresh perspective, deep technical knowledge and proven experience has been the solution for our clients since 1982.

Management & Business Services

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Insurance & Membership

We have expertise in developing and scaling international insurance, specialty benefit, recurring membership and warranty programs. Whether health, automotive, equestrian, or other unique insurable risk, the Sugimoto & Associates team is experienced in the following and much more:

  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Insurance & Recurring Revenue Marketing
  • Recurring Revenue Program Development
  • Modeling & Program Implementation
  • Insurance Accounting
  • Software Development Planning
  • Insurance Operations 
  • Claims Management
  • Speciality Finance Support
  • M&A Support

Retail & Consumer Products

We have expertise in growing retail and consumer businesses into sustainable enterprises through balanced revenue, clear reporting and efficient operations from start-up to maturity through the following solutions:    

  • Financial System Design 
  • Budgets & Cash Flow
  • Internal Controls
  • Information Systems
  • Inventory & Warehouse Efficiency
  • Operating Procedure Development 
  • Product and Service Development
  • Profitability Roadmaps
  • Change Management 
  • KPIs & Dashboards
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing 

Legal & Financial Services

Our team has helped law firms and finance professionals of all sizes from large multinational to single practitioners build and execute growth strategies including the following and much more: 

  • Client Origination & Compliant Marketing
  • Financial & Trust Accounting
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Practice & Program Development
  • Co-counsel Management
  • Practice Management
  • Software Implementation
  • Profitability & Efficiency Roadmap
  • Regulatory & Compliance Controls
  • Speciality Finance Support
  • M&A Support

Healthcare & Medical Device

We have worked with healthcare and medical device companies from established Fortune 50, innovative start-ups, successful medical practices, multi-location pharmacy groups, and addiction recovery centers to accomplish meaningful results.   

  • Revenue Optimization
  • Medical Billing & Insurance Collections
  • Payment Processing Support
  • Product & Program Development
  • 3rd Party Payor Record Keeping & Reporting
  • Compliance & Licensing Support
  • Process Development & Optimization
  • Purchasing & Vendor Relations
  • Healthcare Membership & Benefit Programs
  • Marketing & New Client Acquisition
  • Social Media & Communications 
  • M&A Support

Teleservices & Technology

We have owned, managed and exited call center teleservice providers. Through these experiences and working in support of clients from Fortune 500 to small business we have experience in the teleservices and technology industries.  

  • Call Center Design & Build
  • Accounting Design, Development & Management
  • International Operations Integration
  • Multi-Currency Cash Management
  • Agent Compensation Structure
  • Process Development & Implementation
  • Technology Implementation & Optimization
  • Technology Development Roadmap
  • Customer & Lead Acquisition
  • Business & Strategic Partner Development 
  • Customer Service & Social Media Management 
  • M&A Support

Logistics & Manufacturing

Our team has engaged with logistics and manufacturing providers to optimize performance, structure growth and maximize profits. 

  • IP Management
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Enhanced Operational & Financial Reporting
  • SOC & Financial Statement Audit Support
  • Systems Implementation & Integration
  • Operations Financing Support
  • New Market Development
  • Process Development & Optimization
  • Warehouse & Logistics Support
  • Licensing & Royalty Accounting 
  • RFP Support
  • M&A Support

Real Estate & Construction

We have worked with builders, property owners and construction providers to navigate operational, accounting, finance and marketing opportunities with strong outcomes. 

  • Financial Statement Audit Support
  • Strategic Relationship Development
  • Project Modeling & Forecasting
  • Construction & Project Financing Support
  • Cash Flow Design
  • Accounting Management & Oversight
  • Rental Property Tax Optimization
  • Project Launch Marketing Campaigns
  • M&A Support

Agrobusiness & Hospitality

From farm-to-table hospitality to large industrial agricultural projects, our team has supported the fresh cut flower industry, sustainable urban food production providers, aquaponics programs, commercial landscaping companies and hotel owners.

  • Pricing & Margin Strategy
  • Full Accounting Support
  • Unique Product & Program Development
  • KPIs & Dashboards 
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Cash Flow Strategies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing & New Client Acquisition
  • New Market Development
  • RFP Support
  • M&A Support

Education & Non-Profit

Our team has extensively worked with established universities to K-12 online education providers and other non-profit organizations to implement robust programs, specialized advisory and compelling growth strategies.

  • IP Development & Monetization
  • Technology Transfer Process
  • Student Acquisition & Retention
  • Digital Remote Learning Programs
  • Technology Planning & Implementation
  • Grant Writing & RFP Support
  • Community Outreach & Program Integration
  • Grant Management & Accounting
  • Grant Making Protocol Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Social Media Management
  • M&A Support

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