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We solve problems and build value through our diverse solutions and strong team of experienced professionals.

Solutions We Provide.

Since 1982 Sugimoto & Associates has worked with businesses throughout their lifecycle from early stage start-ups to well established international corporations through a culture of integrity, accountability, innovation and quality. We have empowered our clients on their journeys to build sustainable businesses and achieve  meaningful goals. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

– The Sugimoto & Associates Team


How We Work

At Sugimoto & Associates we offer a tiered approach to consulting services. Whether you need a specific project completed, a fractional executive, or something in-between, we can design a package tailored to fit your business needs and budget.

In-house teams translate to human resources, benefits and office space costs. Focus your vital resources in revenue generating functions and let the Sugimoto & Associates expert team support your growth through our industry focused solutions. With Sugimoto & Associates you can outsource the entire process, select functions or tasks. Our team delivers the highest quality results, ongoing support, and flexible hours.

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Accounting & Reporting

Insight is critical. We build a strong financial and reporting foundation for your business to support profitable growth.

Strong companies are built on robust accounting systems.

Developing that foundation is based on accurate and consistent recording of transactions and events, which form the basis of all information used to manage your business. Sugimoto & Associates will design and structure the accounting functions throughout your organization to allow effective decision making and control.

We integrate all of the financial and reporting aspects of your business to provide transparency and insight. We develop accounting processes and optimize the chart of accounts to meet your company goals.

In-house labor is costly and requires cumbersome management layers. Our team offers flexible full-service outsourced accounting to meet your needs and budget. 

Typical tax preparers focus on the return. Our comprehensive tax services start with tax planning, followed by preparing the books, generating and filing your tax returns.

Many industries require specialized regulatory compliance reporting at the busiest times of the year, which can be difficult for an in-house team. Sugimoto & Associates excels at supporting your critical processes and reporting requirements. 

Through key performance indicators, dashboards and client feedback we guide resources and identify opportunities for improvement. We define the business level metrics for each stakeholder, translate them into dashboards, and teach you how to interpret them as valuable tools.

Just as a good story is told through words, a well organized growth company is described through its financial reporting. We design and produce financial reports that provide clear, adequate information to help you drive your business to success.

Key Service Offerings:

Accounting Services


  • Financial & Special Purpose Reporting
  • Monthly Accounting Packages
  • Financial Analytics 

Planning & Controls

  • Budgets & Cash Flow
  • Internal Controls


  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation & Filing
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Strategy & Structure

Focus is vital. We design an organizational roadmap and structure your company for success.

Structuring for success.

To grow your business the architecture must be engineered and tested;  your products or services must be optimized for profitability. Sugimoto & Associates can help craft a structured organizational framework to allow for an unhindered, yet controlled growth.

It’s difficult to achieve your business goals without having a clear vision of what they are. The Sugimoto & Associates team will evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in key areas to formulate long and short term goals, KPIs and tools to measure success.

Having a well built plan is the key to results. If your company needs a business plan, transformational roadmap, or succession plan we can help develop the strategic planning required to achieve your goals. Sugimoto & Associates has successfully guided many organizations on their path.

Having the right people in the right positions is a critical component of success. We can help craft a well balanced organizational chart with thoughtful incentive and compensation plans to drive success.

We specialize in aligning operations to support corporate objectives and maximize profits. We support effective governance by clarifying purpose, principles and values, while identifying low cost opportunities and profitable optimizations.

Whether internally generated or externally raised. Our team uses proven methodologies to identify opportunities within your operational cash flow, develops additional cash generators, and supports the external financing process. External capital may be available from creative and non-traditional sources, such as grants, partnerships and affiliations.

Key Service Offerings:​

Strategy Consulting

  • Strategy Consulting
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Review & Analysis
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Succession Planning
  • Goal Setting, KPIs & Dashboards


  • Fractional CEO & COO
  • Organization Framework Optimization
  • Org Chart & Compensation Models
  • Operations Plan & Alignment

Finance Support

  • M&A Support
  • Finance Support
  • RFPs for Funding Procurement
  • Grant Writing
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Revenue & Marketing

Communication is key. We elevate your brand through effective revenue and marketing strategies.

An established brand is the cornerstone of a successful organization.

We elevate your brand as a trusted symbol, and transform that recognition into direct revenue. Through a strong communications strategy, direct marketing, mindful public relations, and a highly functioning website we implement robust revenue models with a focus on recurring transactions.

Profitability starts by aligning prices with cost drivers and markets. Our team will do the analysis and modeling to create the right plan for you. Planning is a critical stage in managing growth, while ensuring needed resources are accounted for including: capital, personnel, facilities, raw materials. This plan will be custom tailored to you and will cover lead generation, sales personnel, training, product refinement, and forecasting.

We position and promote your brand to reach targeted consumers and achieve maximum results within your marketing budget. This process starts with creating a budget that appropriately matches the speed at which your organization is looking to grow. Using a variety of digital mediums including: pay-per-click, banner, social media and retargeting; as well as, traditional media such as TV, radio, print and outdoor, we will build the customer relationships that will drive your business. 

Our analytical approach to marketing and problem solving delivers short-term results while achieving long-term client goals. Sustainable success is achieved by building repeatable and reproducible products and processes. Our team has deep experience in structuring sustainable analytic revenue strategies.

The long-term reputation of your company is based on how your current and prospective customers perceive and recall your company, which starts with having the right symbolism: your logo, battle cry, and color scheme. Whether it’s as simple as memorable business cards or writing to better identify the core vision of your products and services, we can help.

Key Service Offerings:​

Brand Creation & Management

  • Fractional CMO
  • Marketing Audit
  • Brand Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Ongoing Marketing Optimization

Sales Strategy Program

  • Lead & Customer Acquisition
  • Lifecycle Management Program
  • Customer Retention Strategies 
  • Sales Compensation Modeling

Media Development & Procurement

  • Advertising Media Procurement
  • Digital, Print, TV, Outdoor Development
  • Social Media Content Development
  • Marketing Analytics

Public Relations

  • Brand Positioning
  • Press Releases
  • PR Placement
  • Reputation Management
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Process & Technology

Integration is essential. We implement efficient processes and effective technology to power results.

Structuring processes for success systems.

To grow your business the architecture must be engineered and tested. Sugimoto & Associates will institute a structured organizational framework that will stabilize the company and allow for unhindered yet controlled growth.

Our analytical approach to problem solving delivers short- term results while achieving your long-term goals. Sustainable success is achieved by building repeatable and reproducible products and processes. Our broad experience solving complex problems has prepared us to help you.

Using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, Sugimoto & Associates will design streamlined, cost efficient, self-sustaining processes that will eliminate waste, reduce manpower, improve performance and save money.

By infusing quality assurance practices throughout each process, we ensure a finished product you can count on. Implementing lean processes and value added quality assurance throughout your business will directly impact your company’s profitability.

Coordination communications, initiatives, infrastructure, people and processes can be tricky. Our team understands the importance and complexities of project management. We can help guide or manage projects using best practices and measurement tools to keep your business moving forward.  

We start by understanding your data needs, process requirements, and operational use cases to determine your company’s technology needs. Our holistic perspective focuses on achieving your business goals, whether selecting a new platform or getting more out of your existing vendors and technologies, we have you covered.

Key Service Offerings:​

Process Excellence

  • Business Process Excellence 
  • Six Sigma & Lean
  • Process Engineering & Optimization
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Complex Project Management

Technology Support

  • Technology Planning & Roadmap
  • Technology Selection & Review
  • Technology Cost Accounting & Modeling

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